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All of our inflatable attractions run off of standard 120 volt electricity and 15 amp circuits.   If you have power available at your event, we will provide all of the necessary extension cords for our attractions.  However, because of the loss of power that occurs over the length of extension cords all of the attractions need to be within 100 feet of their power source.

Additionally, each air blower that we use to fill the inflatables requires its own separate 15 amp circuit and many of our inflatables require two or more air blowers.  If you are planning a large event with several inflatables the power requirements can become quite large rather quickly.   

The power requirements are listed on the product page for each of our attractions and the total power requirements for every event are listed on our contracts. 

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about the power required for your event and help you to determine whether your event site has enough power available for the attractions that you are interested in.

If additional power is needed at your event site we have 5000 watt and 38000 watt generators with distribution boxes available for rental.


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38000 Watt Generator for Rent

Our 38000 watt generator runs as quiet as a car and includes distribution cables and boxes.

5000 Watt Generators for Rent


Our 5000 watt generators can operate three blowers, but are much louder than the 38000 watt generator.

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