Lagoon of Doom

Beware of the Gators and Piranha!  They’re hungry and are going to get you if you fall off the log in the LAGOON OF DOOM.  Test your agility and endurance when you climb on the foam log, making it spin on its axle.  Attempt to keep your balance, as you and your opponent spin faster, trying to spin one another off.  Meanwhile, the lagoon creatures are nipping at your heels trying to make a meal of you.  Will your partner take the plunge before you do?

Dimensions: 19’L x 16’W x 7’6″H
Electric Needs: One 15 amp circuit
Age Group: 7 and up
Capacity: 120 people per hour

Want to recreate the Wipeout T.V. Show at your event? Rent the Meltdown, Big Baller, Gauntlet and Lagoon of Doom and you’ll be all set to have some wipeout fun.


Big Baller

Lagoon of Doom

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