The Gauntlet

Wrapped in medieval-themed digital graphics, The Gauntlet is an interactive game that almost anyone can enjoy.  Less-active participants can enjoy being a “boulder-thrower” while more-active participants attempt to complete the challenge!

Two opponents face off head-to-head, zig-zagging across raised foam platforms while dodging swinging foam boulders hurled from six onlookers! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. It’s a dash to the finish in this game that combines both speed and strategy

Dimensions: 50’L x 15”W x 16’H
Electric Needs: Two 15 amp circuits at 110 volts
Age Group: 6 and older
Capacity: 2 people at a time; 60-120 people per hour

Want to recreate the Wipeout T.V. Show at your event? Then have we got the package for you. Rent the Meltdown, Big Baller, Gauntlet and Lagoon of Doom and you’ll be all set to have some wipeout fun.



Big Baller

Lagoon of Doom

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