SuperBooth – the Super Photo Booth

What’s a SuperBooth?  It’s the SUPER BOOTH of Photo Booths!  Unlike standard photo booths, the Super Booth provides a completely interactive photo experience.   Guests get to choose their own computerized photographer who leads them through a series of photos while lights, music and a wind machine all enhance the shoot.

Lots of people can particpate in the same photoshoot and receive up to four prints per group.  Guests can also receive their photos via email.  We provide a 12′ by 6′ fully draped enclosure to surround the Super Booth to help your guests feel more comfortable about being photographed.  We also provide an attendant to assist your guests and keep everything running smoothly.


The SUPER BOOTH is only for indoor events.

Dimensions: 12’L x 6’W x 7’H
Electric Needs: One 15 amp circuit
Age Group:  All ages
Capacity: 100-125 people per hour

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